I’ve worn a pair of SealSkinz Nordic Skiing gloves on the bike every winter, but this Black Friday deal is about to change all that

Buying a pair of the heavily discounted SealSkinz Upwell heated and waterproof gloves could genuinely be life changing

Female cyclist wearing the SealSkinz Upwell Waterproof Heated Glove
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For anyone who lives with the pain of Raynaud’s phenomenon, you have my absolute sympathies. As someone who has suffered with the restriction of blood flow to their hands and feet, I have probably tried every pair of the best winter cycling gloves on the market over the years in a bid to keep my hands warm enough to continue to function. 

If you’ve been suffering from numb feet or hands when cycling, then you may want to read on, because I think I’ve found the ultimate solution; the Sealskinz Upwell waterproof heated glove. 

SealSkinz Upwell Waterproof Heated Glove:

SealSkinz Upwell Waterproof Heated Glove:

USA: was $260.00, now $195.00 at Backcountry

UK: was £175.00, now £123.50 at Amazon

As a gauntlet fit, these will go over your cycling jersey rather than under, so you'll want to make use of the drawstring cuff to reduce any sleeve run off, but will make getting them on and off easier.

For the last few years, I've found my only option for riding with any thing near good enough was a pair of oversized men’s SealSkinz Nordic ski gloves, paired with thin liner gloves. finding them a good crossover glove for on the bike. The larger size does mean that the glove fingers are too long and have occasionally got them trapped in the shifters, which is a less than fun occurrence on a ride. 

So I'm honestly hoping that this pair of SealSkinz Upwell waterproof and heated gloves will be the answer to such a depressing problem. It's more than just the discomfort of cold hands, they literally shut down, meaning that I can't feel or use them making riding too dangerous. 

Female cyclist wearing the SealSkinz Upwell Waterproof Heated Glove

(Image credit: Future)

I’ve actually had my eyes on these since I visited the Arctic Circle in January, but in a case of good old fashioned 'mum guilt', I just couldn’t bring myself to spend anymore money on something that was just for me - so they remained out of my reach. 

But now I've got a pair on test and will be putting them through their paces this winter - starting from the cold snap that's arriving this evening. With warm hands and the ability to maintain grip in a pair of gloves that actually fit me, it could mean I can actually look forward to winter, and not dread it as I currently do.

SealSkinz Upwell Waterproof Heated Glove:was $240 now $190 at Amazon

SealSkinz Upwell Waterproof Heated Glove: was $240 now $190 at Amazon

Data on the pricing of these is tricky to find, and what's even trickier is trying find a pair. Thankfully I came across a rather decent 21% saving at Amazon for the cycling specific version, with the narrow cuff. The gauntlet version don't appear to be on offer, they've totally sold out of both on the SealSkinz website, but the best deal I've found is $195 at Backcountry.

If you want to hold out for a cycling specific pair in the UK, you may need to shop around a little, with the cheapest we've found so far direct from the Sealskinz brand. 

There are two versions of these SealSkinz Upwell gloves, a Gauntlet pair and a cycling specific pair. It’s taken some hard work to track down stock for either, at this knocked down price, saving some 30% off the RRP the cheapest they’ve ever been on Amazon in the UK. So if you are thinking of making a purchase, act with haste.

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