This limited edition 'frozen' Colnago C64 with £550 off is literally the coolest thing in the Cyber Monday deals

But £550 barely scratches the surface when this beautiful bike costs £4,999 to start with...

Colnago C64 head tube detail
(Image credit: Colnago)

There might be better Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals with bigger percentages slashed off the list price and it's true that the £550 that Sigma Sports is offering off this Colnago C64 frameset's original RRP of £4,999 is only 11%. For US customers there's no money off - it's just $4,800.

At this point let me remind you that our main Cyber Monday deals page is packed full of those pile 'em high, sell 'em cheap-type deals.

But this is something different. It's a one-off deal for the Colnago connoisseur, and there's just one left in one size, a 52, which equates to a 55cm effective top tube.

Colnago C64 'frozen' integrated disc frameset (sloping geometry): was £4,999 now £4,449 at Sigma Sports

Colnago C64 'frozen' integrated disc frameset (sloping geometry): was £4,999 now £4,449 at Sigma Sports

Completely hand-built in Italy, and hand-painted in a striking frozen colourway. Compatible with mechanical and electronic groupsets and with clearance for wider 28mm tyres. 

Not only that, it's for a NOS C64, which is no longer the latest model - it was superseded by the Colnago C68 this year - and is therefore becoming rarer and more collectible. The C-series Colnagos instantly become classics once they're no longer the latest model and I can't think of any other bike that does that.

Colnago C64 seat tube lug

(Image credit: Colnago)

And on top of all that, this C64 has a limited edition 'frozen' paint scheme that is incredibly striking. In 2020 Colnago also offered it in red, blue and gold, but for me this version balances the intricate ice detail with the understated background colour and would have been my choice.

Having said that, I do own a 1990s Master Olympic with the loudest Art Decor scheme you're ever likely to see and I absolutely love it.

When I reviewed the Colnago C68 this year I gave it five stars. The ride quality is beautiful, as is the whole bike. But the one thing missing for me was the visible lugs - the hallmark of C-series Colnagos. The C68 integrates them and is still officially a lugged construction but the lugs themselves are more or less invisible. The frame is a lot smoother looking as a result.

Whereas the C64's immense, angular lugs give it a muscular, powerful appearance.

Colnago C64 ice paint scheme frameset

(Image credit: Colnago)

The C64 was the last to include Ernesto's signature since Colnago is now majority owned by a group of Abu Dhabi investors. If that matters to you - not everyone cares of course.

I went to Cambiago to interview Ernesto Colnago 10 years ago and I don't mind admitting that the gold book Colnago, The Bicycle that he gave me and signed for me is one of my most treasured possessions.

I'm going to stop now. If this bike is still here after Cyber Monday... well, both of my grandmothers are dead so I'll have to come up with some other strategy to afford it.

The one bike left in stock at Sigma is my size with a nice, long stem.

If anyone wants to buy me a Christmas present...

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