Top 3 road and gravel shoes with two BOA dials, now finally under $200 thanks to the Black Friday sales

Up to 50% off dual-dialled kicks from Shimano, Specialized and Giro

Road and gravel shoes with two boa dials
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There are some upgrades which are pretty incremental - going between Shimano's Ultegra and Dura-Ace is a prime example. Other upgrades are much more signficiant, like full topographic mapping on a bike computer rather than a breadcrumb trail, or switching to a set of deep section wheels. 

I'd suggest another example for that list: the transition from a single BOA dial to two. Being able to adjust the retention tension across both the top of your foot is, quite simply, game changing. 

Shimano RC702 Road Shoes:was $240now $180 at Competitive Cyclist

Shimano RC702 Road Shoes: was $240, now $180 at Competitive Cyclist

To borrow from Shimano's groupset hierarchy, these are the 'Ultegra' to the 'Dura-Ace' of the RC9 series. As such, they are very stiff (if not the stiffest), very breathable (albeit the vents are slightly smaller), and very light (there's about 30 grams in it). You can read our review of the Shimano RC7 over here - and you can find the wide fit verison of this model over here.

Giro Regime Road Shoeswas $239.95now $180.00 at The Pros Closet

Giro Regime Road Shoes: was $239.95, now $180.00 at The Pros Closet

We found the Giro Regime stiff and sleek for long, hard rides and races. They're not the lightest race shoes, nor the most breathable, but they have a robust construction that'll see you through season after season. 

The Pros Closet has the best availability in White, with EU sizes 42-47. Head to Backcountry, though, if you are EU 40, or prefer Black (40-47).

Specialized Torch 3.0 Road Shoeswas $230now $114.99 at Specialized

Specialized Torch 3.0 Road Shoes: was $230, now $114.99 at Specialized

We were impressed when we reviewed the Torch 3.0, finding them comfortable, with a little more forgiveness to the sole than Specialized's out-and-out race shoes. It's a much better balance for the overwhelming majority of people.

Giro Sector Gravel Shoeswas $239.95now $180.00 at The Pros Closet

Giro Sector Gravel Shoes: was $239.95, now $180.00 at The Pros Closet

These shoes are in close compeition with the Pearl Izumi Expedition PRO shoes below. The Giro Sector feel a little stiffer and a little more breathable - essentially a little more 'racey' - but I found the Pearl Izumi shoes to have a more comfortable upper for all-day rides. It's a pretty close run thing - half the question is which has the best discount right now...

Pearl Izumi Expedition PRO Gravel Shoeswas $260now $195 at Pearl Izumi

Pearl Izumi Expedition PRO Gravel Shoes: was $260, now $195 at Pearl Izumi

I was really impressed by the comfort of these shoes when riding the Transcambrian Way. There were no pinch-points at all from the upper - and they stood up to the long sections of hike-a-bike commendably. You can't release the tension in millimetre incriments with these BOA dials - but they're much cheaper than models which do have that feature.

Shimano XC702 Gravel Shoeswas $230now $172.50 at Backcountry

Shimano XC702 Gravel Shoes: was $230, now $172.50 at Backcountry

Top quality BOA L6 dials are used for these race-ready off-road shoes. Not quite as stiff as the S-Phyre, the XC702 is a little cheaper and a little more forgiving. The aggressive lugs make it a handy shoe for muddy trails - useful if you're partial to the odd CX blast.

Sizes EU 40, 42-46 available in Black, and the full 39-46 in the jazzier Red. 

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Anna Marie Abram
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I’ve been hooked on bikes ever since the age of 12 and my first lap of the Hillingdon Cycle Circuit in the bright yellow kit of the Hillingdon Slipstreamers. For a time, my cycling life centred around racing road and track. 

But that’s since broadened to include multiday two-wheeled, one-sleeping-bag adventures over whatever terrain I happen to meet - with a two-week bikepacking trip from Budapest into the mountains of Slovakia being just the latest.

I still enjoy lining up on a start line, though, racing the British Gravel Championships and finding myself on the podium at the enduro-style gravel event, Gritfest in 2022.

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