I’m a Fitness Editor - these are my top 5 picks of products that’ll aid your training from the Black Friday sales

From power meters to cycling computers, to protein powder and energy bars - here are the best deals I've found that'll help you with hitting your fitness goals

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Hey, I’m Anna, Cycling Weekly’s Fitness Features Editor - and (as my role would suggest!) I care most about the gear that boosts physical wellbeing and performance - more than any fancy gadgets or upgrades.

With that in mind, I’ve taken some time to sort through the best deals on the products which stand to make us stronger, fitter and better recovered - I’ve pulled out five top picks for both the USA and the UK, and detailed a little context on each. I hope you enjoy the read!

Clif Bar Energy Bars:was $29.10now 20.37 at Amazon

Clif Bar Energy Bars: was $29.10, now 20.37 at Amazon

It's important to top up your energy stores whilst on the bike to ensure you avoid the dreaded bonk from depleted energy stores. A packing a couple of energy bars are a ready-made easy solution. 

This plant-based formula from Clif Bar uses organic rolled oats. And it's the crunchy peanut butter in this variety pack that's piqued my interest! But the range here will certainly help with flavor fatigue on long endurance rides.

Garmin Endurowas $899.99now $389.99 at Amazon

Garmin Enduro: was $899.99, now $389.99 at Amazon

A highly rugged and capable GPS smartwatch that's packed with fitness tracking capabilities. In addition to being a wrist-based heart rate monitor, the Enduro boasts advanced sleep monitoring, heart rate variability tracking, Pulse Ox readings, etc. - all in the name of helping you train smartly. Plus, its safety and tracking features are reassuring inclusions. 

MyProtein Impact Whey Protein 2.2lb: was $44.99now $19.99 at MyProtein

MyProtein Impact Whey Protein 2.2lb: was $44.99, now $19.99 at MyProtein

Protein is essential for recovery after exercising, as it's the building block for repairing your muscles. I really like the Vanilla, but there are 17 others to choose from (go wild with Pumpkin Spice for example!)

Use code DEAL at the checkout for the extra 50% discount.

Favero Assioma Duo Power Meter Pedals: was $759.99, now $653.49 at Wiggle

Favero Assioma Duo Power Meter Pedals: was $759.99, now $653.49 at Wiggle

One of the simplest and cheapest ways of benefiting from two sided power readings, the Assiomas provide data that's accurate to ±1% and you can also analyze your pedaling technique. Providing reliable power data, easy to charge and relatively lightweight, we were really impressed when we reviewed the Favero Assioma Duos - excellent for training with power.

It might only be a 14% discount, but that knocks $106.50 off the price.

B-Air 20-inch floor fanwas $79.99now $59.97 at Amazon

B-Air 20-inch floor fan: was $79.99, now $59.97 at Amazon

Unlike riding outdoors, where the airflow helps evaporate the sweat, when you're inside it really hangs around. The longer your sweat remains on your body, the more you end up sweating, which then thickens the blood. As a result your heart has to work harder. Basically, investing in a fan will really help you hit your interval targets during indoor workouts on the smart indoor bike trainer.

Garmin Edge 1040was £520now 398 at Sigma Sports

Garmin Edge 1040: was £520, now 398 at Sigma Sports

The Edge 1040 is part of Garmin's range-topping computer line up, and it's all about giving you more training insights than you could possibly imagine - its massive screen definitely helps with getting the most out of these! We really rate its ClimbPro feature, which shows remaining ascent and gradient when you’re climbing. Workout recommendations are also given based on your current training load and VO2 max. Plus it has plenty of integration with other cycling apps like TrainingPeaks, too. 

It is rare to see a top tier performance product on a discount, and so this £122 saving is huge, in relative terms!

SiS Go Energy Bar Mini Chocolate 30 packwas £42now £25 at Sigma Sports

SiS Go Energy Bar Mini Chocolate 30 pack: was £42, now £25 at Sigma Sports

The Chocolate flavor is still in stock, success! The smaller 40g size also helps with stashing in a bar bag or jersey pocket.

Garmin HRM-Dual

Garmin HRM-Dual

UK: was £59.99, now £34.99 at Amazon

Training with a heart rate monitor still matters: it's a simple, cost effective and accurate way of setting your cycling training zones to ensure you're riding at the correct intensity to improve your fitness. When we reviewed the Garmin HRM-Dual we were impressed by its accuracy, long battery life and its comfortable strap. 

FX FFEXS Foam Roller:was £17.99now £11.89 at Amazon

FX FFEXS Foam Roller: was £17.99, now £11.89 at Amazon

Foam rollers are an inexpensive bit of kit that can aid recovery and stave off injury. This option is reduced by 34%, but right now you'll also find plenty of other reduced options at Amazon so now is a good time to buy. Over here you'll find more details on foam roller exercises for cyclists, recommended by a physio/bike fitter. 

Shokz OpenRunwas £129.95 now £89.95 at Amazon

Shokz OpenRun: was £129.95, now £89.95 at Amazon

I'd be lost without music when exercising, and so my set of OpenRuns truly are my reliable training buddy. They're sweat resistant, and quick and easy to charge.

Plus, if you do some cross training like me, you'll be pleased to know that they're really comfortable when running. The open-ear design allows ambient noise in (you can hear approaching cars), but the sound quality is still good.

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