I've found the cheapest Black Friday smart trainer deal - it’s just £210. Incredible.

This is my top pick for anyone looking to get started riding indoors - I wish smart trainers were this affordable when I first got one

Pinnacle HC Turbo Trainer which is on a Black Friday discount
(Image credit: Future)

If we're being critical, this supposed 70% discount is more like a 58% saving - we've never seen this smart trainer selling for its 'full' £700 RRP. For example, when we reviewed the Pinnacle HC turbo trainer last year it wasn't full price either, it was selling for around £500.

But dubious list price aside, to get a fully-fledged smart trainer for just £210 is a simply astonishing deal. Sure, the Pinnacle HC doesn't have the power accuracy of the latest and greatest smart trainers but ±2.5% is nothing to be sniffed at. We thought it was a solid and affordable smart trainer when we reviewed it - now at £210 it's an absolute steal! 

Pinnacle HC Turbo Trainer:was £700now £210 at Evans Cycles

Pinnacle HC Turbo Trainer: was £700, now £210 at Evans Cycles

With an accuracy of ±2.5% and climb gradient simulation up to 20%, this smart trainer will serve the needs of many riders, especially those just getting into indoor cycling.

I remember when I bought my first smart trainer at university. I couldn't stomach the full cost and so I opted to go second hand - which was a mistake, I must say, the internals proved to be dodgy!

To have been able to get a brand new smart indoor trainer for just £210 would have been a dream. So I'm glad to see that indoor cycling can be this accessible - especially when the prices of bikes have rocketed up to crazy levels in the last couple of years!

The Pinnacle HC Turbo Trainer is so much cheaper than other 'budget' options on the market right now. LifeLine's Xplova Noza S Smart Trainer is now £249.99 at Chain Reaction Cycles, which is another healthy saving in itself - but it doesn't quite match Pinnacle's super low price. 

Elite's Zumo is reduced down to £379 at Halfords, a £70 saving from £449 RRP. And Wahoo's Kickr Core is pricier, even if you buy it in the current 36% sale at Sigma Sports, it's £449.00.

So we've established that the Pinnacle HC Turbo Trainer is cheap. But how does it perform? And is it something you'll find yourself wanting to upgrade too soon? Let's have a think about whether this Black Friday deal might be worth it for you...

I've not used the Pinnacle HC Turbo Trainer myself, and so I'm basing my recommendations here on the valuable feedback from Cycling Weekly's product reviewer Myles Warwood who tested the trainer last year. 

He commented: "The trainer does a lot well and with its self-calibration, there’s not a lot of babysitting to be done to make sure it’s running correctly." 

The Pinnacle HC connects to the best indoor cycling training apps including Zwift, TrainerRoad and Rouvy, so you'll be able to follow workouts and enjoy the varying terrain on the virtual roads. 

On this note, Myles commented: "The ride is solid, there is a smooth delivery of resistance, which can replicate a 20% climb and has a power ceiling of 2,500 watts. We don't have the tools - or raw power! - to varify these numbers, but the claimed stats are the best in this price bracket by far. The LifeLine model replicates climbs up to 18%, whilst the Kickr Core goes to 16%."

Top marks so far then for the Pinnacle HC.

So, what are the downsides of spending just £210 on a trainer? Well...

"The noise can be quite loud and end up being the soundtrack to many indoor rides," Myles noted. "The Pinnacle claims a 52dB at 19mph or 30.6 kph, however, in testing I found it to be slightly more."

Now onto the accuracy, it promises a rate of ±2.5%, which means that 250 watts could read between ~243w or ~256w. This isn't the most accurate, but you'll still hit the right cycling training zones (more or less) when doing an interval session. 

The Wahoo Kickr Core has a slightly better accuracy of ±2%, for example. And Wahoo's offering here would be a smarter choice for avid Zwift racers, or racers to be. This is because Zwift’s ammendments to the Cycling eSports Ruleset Version 1.0.7 state that, in order to race, “smart trainers and smart bikes must have a manufacturer-claimed power accuracy of within ± two per cent”. 

And, as I mentioned above, the Wahoo Kickr Core is also on a discount right now, so now is also a good time to buy - find the 36% off discount at Sigma Sports here.

So, do buy the Pinnacle HC, if...

  • You're looking to upgrade your 'dumb' indoor trainer (i.e. one that doesn't give you power readings) and you want the cheapest smart trainer
  • You want higher climb replication for Zwift's virtual roads

And don't buy, if ...

  • You're looking to race on Zwift
  • You need to be careful about neighbours complaints regarding noise levels

This year Black Friday is running from November 24th - 27th. We've rounded up all the best Black Friday bike deals we’ve found in our main hub page. With deals spanning components, tech and riding kit, you're guaranteed to find a bargain.

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