Quick, so you get your favorite flavor! Up to 58% off MyProtein, 50% off High5 and 44% off SiS in the Cyber Monday sales

Here's the best deals on bars, gels and powders that we've been able to find

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Fuelling on bike rides is vitally important in order to avoid the dreaded bonk. Having a handful of ready-made energy bars, or other fuelling alternatives such as energy drinks and energy gels, is a good idea for when you don't have time to follow an energy bar recipe yourself. 

Or, most likely, you've never attempted to either! I tried making rice cakes myself once - disaster. Anyway, I digress...

Cyber Monday is an ideal time to replenish your cycling nutrition stocks, as prices are lower than usual. And 'tis the season of longer bike rides, as you build your endurance ahead of spring and summer goals - so you're properly about to really burn through the supplies you have. 

Or if you're like me, you're already on your last few! I have a habit of putting in a massive order and then not thinking about it again for months on end - getting down to the last one before putting another order in!

US Nutrition deals: Bars

Gu Energy Stroopwafel 16 pack:were $22.50now $16.88 at Jenson USA

Gu Energy Stroopwafel 16 pack: were $22.50, now $16.88 at Jenson USA

Each 32g waffle contains 150 calories, 23g of carbs, 20mg of caffeine and 75mg of sodium, which means this waffle can match up with gels and traditional bars but offer you a little bit of variation - which is sometimes just what you need on a longer ride. Now with 25% off.

PowerBar Natural Energy Cereal Bar (24 x 40g):were $47.99now $29.49 at Wiggle

PowerBar Natural Energy Cereal Bar (24 x 40g): were $47.99, now $29.49 at Wiggle

These cereal bars contain plenty of carbs making them ideal pre-race snack. While they might not be well-suited to eating on the bike if you're doing hard efforts, they could be ideal for longer rides, where you need to keep your carb intake up but have time to slow down and chew! Now with 39% off.

US Nutrition deals: Drinks

Gu Roctane energy drink:was $45.00now $33.75 at Jenson USA

Gu Roctane energy drink: was $45.00, now $33.75 at Jenson USA

Containing 24 servings, this carbohydrate intensive energy drink includes both the critical carbs and electrolytes you need during long rides and hard efforts. Available here in grape and tropical fruit flavors and with 25% off retail.

Nuun Sport Hydration Powder - 10-Pack: was $17.99now $13.49 at Backcountry

Nuun Sport Hydration Powder - 10-Pack: was $17.99, now $13.49 at Backcountry

This electrolyte power drink mix comes in easy to use 'sticks' which means you can even carry them in your jersey pocket and add to your bottle mid ride - with no fizz! It contains five key electrolytes to help you to replenish what you lose while riding and training. Available in Strawberry Kiwi and Pink Lemonade flavors and now with 25% off. 

US Nutrition deals: Gels

Gu Energy gels (24 pack):were $38.40now $28.80 at Jenson USA

Gu Energy gels (24 pack):  were $38.40, now $28.80 at Jenson USA

Available in a number of flavors, including Lemon with no extra caffeine, Tri-berry with 20mg of caffeine and Espresso Love with 40mg. Each gel also contains amino acids and sodium. Now with 25% off.

Honey Stinger Organic Energy Gels - 24 pack:were $36.00now $28.80 at Backcountry

Honey Stinger Organic Energy Gels - 24 pack: were $36.00, now $28.80 at Backcountry

These organic gels pack in 32mg of caffeine, but it's from a green tea concentrate rather than coffee. Other ingredients include organic honey and salt - and they're certified gluten free too. Now with 20% off.

UK Nutrition deals

UK Nutrition Deals: Bars

High5 Mixed Bar Pack (10x55g):was £15.99now £8.79 at Wiggle

High5 Mixed Bar Pack (10x55g): was £15.99, now £8.79 at Wiggle

Using a mix of simple and complex carbohydrates to ensure you stay fuelled through an endurance ride, this is a fantastic option if you're not sure which flavour to go for. Inside this pack there's 3 Banana, 3 Berry, 2 Coconut and 2 Peanut energy bars - 45% off, is a great time to try!

MyProtein Flapjackwas £19.99now £8.62 at MyProtein

MyProtein Flapjack: was £19.99, now £8.62 at MyProtein

Use the code BLACK for 56% off this oat-y snack, with 30g of carb and 20g of protein per energy bar - both the Chocolate and Original flavour. There's 12 in the box which makes it just 72p a bar.

UK Nutrition Deals: Drinks

High5 Energy Drink Powder 2.2kgwas £33.99now £20.39 at Wiggle

High5 Energy Drink Powder 2.2kg: was £33.99, now £20.39 at Wiggle

With High5’s 2:1 fructose ratio here you'll consume up to 90g of carbs per hour, which is important for long bike rides.  There's 46 servings (for 500ml bottles), which brings the cost of each drink down to just 45p. Choose between Berry, Citrus, Orange and Tropical. 

SiS Go Electrolyte Powder 1.6kgwas £36.24,now £20.29 at Amazon

SiS Go Electrolyte Powder 1.6kg: was £36.24, now £20.29 at Amazon

This powder contains 36g of carbohydrates and 200mg of sodium to promote hydration. Plus it's vegan approved. There's 32 servings within this 1.6kg tub, which brings the price per drink down to 64p. Save 44% on the Orange flavour, or 41% on the Blackcurrant.

UK Nutrition Deals: Gels

High5 Energy Gel (20x40g):was £25.99now £13.00 at Wiggle

High5 Energy Gel (20x40g): was £25.99, now £13.00 at Wiggle

50% off these. Easier than others to drink and lots of choice flavourwise here, pick between Berry, Blackcurrant, Citrus, Mango and Orange.

MyProtein Energy Gel Elite 20x50gwas £21.00now £8.74 at MyProtein

MyProtein Energy Gel Elite 20x50g: was £21.00, now £8.74 at MyProtein

Use the code BLACK to get the full 58% discount on this gel which packs in 25g of carbs, in a 3:1 maltodextrin to fructose ratio. Batch tested by Informed-Sport to ensure its in line with WADA guidelines, this is an excellent option for racers. Only available in Orange, but you may want to check out the rest of the MyProtein site as there's up to 80% off on nutrition over here.

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