Best Amazon Prime Day cycling deals 2020

Amazon Prime Day typically takes place in July - it's been postponed... we'll bring you the deals when they arrive

Amazon Prime Day was due to take place in its normal slot of July. However, it’s now been postponed.

Amazon Prime Day is a a bumper sale across the retailer – which happens to be the largest online retailer in the world. There’s always a plethora of offers, with plenty of cycling kit nestled among the virtual sale rails.

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Postponed: rumours of an October event

The event usually takes place in July, over three days, with deals throughout as well as ‘lightning deals’ which last for a short period of time.

Our sibling site Tech Radar has reported that the 2020 event is expected to take place in October this year.

When the sale does arrive, we’ll be here to sift through the kit, bringing you product recommendations based upon the best offfers.

Amazon Prime membership

Amazon Prime Day is designed to draw attention to the benefits of having an Amazon Prime membership. You don’t need to be part of the special club to gain access to the deals – but members can access early offers already and will get the chance to skip the queue on the day(s).

Amazon Prime Membership carries benefits such as unlimited one-day delivery, access to Amazon Video (including exclusive shows) and Amazon Music streaming.

Top tips for getting the best Amazon Prime Day cycling deals in 2020

Browsing Amazon for deals is always a bit of a trial – and it might well be even harder on Amazon Prime Day. Here’s our tips to help you navigate the sales…

Bookmark THIS PAGE

Deals will be released every five minutes, and it could all get just a little bit confusing. On this page, we’ll highlight the very best deals. We’ll have an advanced warning – leaving us plenty of time to pick out the best offers.

Write a shopping list

Put pen to paper so that you’re clear on what you actually need before the big day. Don’t be too specific – because you can’t guarantee what’s going to be on offer – but ‘helmet camera’ or ‘gps cycling computer with maps’ will help you to avoid the temptation of splashing out on an extra bike bag that you don’t need.

Bear in mind the price difference when reading reviews

We’ve got hundreds of reviews on our site, and they’re designed to help you decide if a product is right for you.

However, all items are reviewed with the RRP – or price at time of writing – in mind. Therefore, remember when reading that comments about value for money need to be taken with a pinch of salt if you’re not looking at the same item with 50 per cent off.

Comments on everything else: effectiveness, quality, longevity, of course still stands.

Set yourself a budget

It’s easy to overspend when there are big deals on offer, so start your shopping with a clear idea of your max spend. You should also be sure to check returns policies are not affected by the sales.