The best Black Friday turbo trainer deals 2018

We've looked through the online retailers and found the best deals on turbo trainers...

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The Black Friday fever has hit, and the deals are certainly out there for cyclists – with offers across the spectrum, including on turbo trainers.

Training with a turbo allows you to complete high intensity workouts, from the comfort of your own home.

The benefits here are several-fold – firstly, you can dodge the rain and wind during the winter months. Secondly, with no distractions from junctions and roundabouts, you can ride intervals to your maximum capacity without needing to keep a ‘heads up, accidents down’ mentality going.

Turbo trainers vary in tech – and therefore value. You can get a simple one for a little over £100, or spend around £1000 on a feature laden smart turbo. 

We’ve hunted out some of the best Black Friday turbo bargains, to help keep you training all winter without an overly weighty cost.

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Elite Drivo II OTS Plus was £1,199, now £959.99

Elite Drivo II smart turbo trainer

Elite Drivo II smart turbo trainer

Read more: Elite Drivo II OTS Plus at ProBikeKit for £959.99

The Elite Drivo II has impressive power meter accuracy and very precise gradient changes as well as  the ability to replicate gradients up to 24% if you want to do some serious hill training.

Buy now: Elite Drivo II at ProBikeKit for £959.99

CycleOps Hammer was £1000, now £699

best black friday turbo trainer deals

Read more: CycleOps Hammer review

With a market leading ride feel, plenty of precisely added resistance and compatibility with standard quick releases as well as disc brake bikes and mountain bikes, the CycleOps Hammer is a great trainer. Even better, it’s now at £300 off at ProBikeKit.

Buy now: CycleOps Hammer at ProBikeKit for £699

USA Black Friday deal: CycleOps Hammer smart trainer at ProBikeKit for $831.99

Tacx Flux Direct Drive Smart Trainer – was £565, now £399 and Tacx Neo Direct Drive Smart Trainer – was £1199.99, now £879

The Tacx Flux and Neo are long term favourites now.

Both connect wirelessly via ANT+ and Bluetooth, and are compatible with Tacx Utility, Zwift, Kinomap, Skuga, Trainer road, FulGaz, The Sufferfest, Cycleops Virtual Training, BKOOL indoor, Golden Cheetah, Maximum Trainer, Perfpro and VeloReality.

These units output data on speed, cadence and power and are compatible with Shimano, SRAM and Campag cassettes.

The premium option, the Neo has a max resistance of 2500 watts and is suitable for use with apps on tablets and smartphones. It’s super quiet and produces no vibration – Taxc claims it’s the quietest trainer there is.

In our review, we concluded: “The Tacx Neo is a great piece of hardware that has a really realistic ride feel and is impressively quiet. If noise is important to you, then this is a great option. If you can live with some additional noise or want to annoy your neighbours then a less expensive smart trainer could serve you just as well for playing things like Zwift.

“The Tacx Neo is more sophisticated than the Wahoo Kickr and slightly better across the board. However the Kickr wins in a couple of areas – it is easier to carry and the Wahoo Software is better and more intuitive.”

Buy now: Tacx Neo Direct Drive Smart Trainer at Wiggle for £879

Buy now: Tacx Flux Direct Drive Smart Trainer at Halfords for £399

Cycle Ops Classic Powersync Virtual Trainer (ANT+) – was £725, now £307.36

An ANT+, power enabled turbo trainer which allows you to train to specific power numbers or zones – resistance adjusts automatically and data will be relayed to apps like Zwift, the Sufferfest or Trainer Road. Classic CycleOps body with folding legs and quick release skewer provided.

Buy now: CycleOps Classic Powersync Virtual Trainer (ANT+) at Ribble for £307.36

Cycle Ops Jet Fluid Pro Turbo Trainer Kit – was £475 now £239.99

best black friday smart turbo trainer deals

Get completely turbo ready with this full bundle for just £239.99.

This isn’t a smart turbo trainer, but that won’t stop you getting a good workout in.

The FluidJet resistance unit is designed to create a lifelike ride, that responds as you’d expect to feel on the road – with a steady power output.

The legs fold away for convenience, and the box includes the trainer, a wheel mount, sweat guard, mat and quick release skewer.

But now: CycleOps Jet Fluid Pro Turbo Trainer Kit at Tredz for £239.99

Kinetic Road Machine Smart Control Turbo Trainer – was £549.99 now £299.99

best black friday smart turbo trainer deals


A smart turbo that uses electro magnetic resistance to create slopes up to 10 per cent. Max watts is 1800, which is more than most will manage, and the unit is compatible with 22 to 29″ inch wheels – though you’ll need to purchase a ‘Kinetic Traxle’ thru axle adapter if you ride with discs.

Connects to apps such as Zwift and TrainerRoad using Bluetooth, and folds away for easy storage.

Buy now: Kinetic Road Machine Smart Control Turbo Trainer at Evans Cycles for £299.99

We’ll keep adding new deals as they appear – so keep checking back…