The best Cyber Monday 2019 cycling deals

The Cyber Monday cycling deals will see an extension of the crazy discounts offered on Black Friday, here's our guide to the best Cyber Monday cycling deals

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Cyber Monday will see an extension of the crazy discounts offered on Black Friday, here's our guide to the best Cyber Monday cycling deals

We’re here to make sure you pick up the very best Cyber Monday cycling deals 2019 has to offer.

Retailers have long since extended their discounts after Black Friday, across the weekend and on to ‘Cyber Monday’.

The idea being that shoppers would raid the stores over the weekend in person, then log on to shop during their [extended] lunch breaks at work on Monday.

The event itself is similar to Black Friday, with retailers releasing deals throughout the day.

When is Cyber Monday 2019?

Cyber Monday 2019 takes place on Monday December 2.

We’ll be updating this page regularly, so be sure to bookmark it and check back to make sure you end up with the best Cyber Monday cycling deals.

What is Cyber Monday?

tips for buying second hand bikes and finding the best Cyber Monday Cycling deals

Black Friday shoppers are spending more every year

Well, to be honest, it’s largely an extension of Black Friday. The lines blur a little, but you can expect the deals to continue from Black Friday (November 29) over the Saturday and Sunday and on to Cyber Monday.

Here in the UK, the phenomenon is quite recent, and is best associate with enormous tech discounts. However, there is actually loads of opportunities to snap up awesome cycling deals.

As you might expect, since the explosion of internet shopping, events such as Cyber Monday have become enormously popular.

In fact, in previous years Cyber Monday has seen British shoppers spend a mind boggling £1.8 billion, and £5.8 billion in the four days from Black Friday to Cyber Monday.

Where can I find the best Cyber Monday cycling deals?

new kit from the best Cyber Monday cycling deals

Photo: Daniel Gould

With numerous online cycling retailers, cyclists in the UK are well set to benefit from the American tradition.

Last year, Evans Cycles, Chain Reaction Cycles, Wiggle and many more offered up big discounts on loads of cool cycling kit.

It’s a “tradition” that obviously works in favour of the retailers because they can get rid of the remnants of this year’s stock before taking on 2020 produce.

When will the Cyber Monday deals be available

Most retailers do a pretty good job of sign posting their Cyber Monday cycling deals. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean the discounts start at 00.01 on Monday morning.

As we mentioned earlier, the lines are increasingly blurring, whatever deals happen over the weekend, the chances are they’ll double on actual Cyber Monday.

Announcements will be made on both the retailers own websites and through their social media channels. To help you wade through the onslaught of real deals and pseudo-deals, we’ll be updating this page with the very best deals and information so be sure to check back.

Cyber Monday shopping tips

Tips for buying bikes from the best Cyber Monday cycling deals

Buying a bike

Cyber Monday will be manic, you’ll be bombarded by deals and it’ll be tempting just to fork out the cash right away. However, chances are you’ll blow a load of cash and leave with products you necessarily didn’t want.

To best protect your bank balance, follow these tips…

Be well informed

A handful of retailers will remain completely silent about the details of their Black Friday sale until the actual day. Most will drip feed information, giving you a chance to prepare for your shopping in advance. Here’s how to stay informed:

  • Sign up to mailing lists: A plague that you avoid most of the year, ahead of Black Friday it’s actually a really good idea to subscribe to the mailing lists of major retailers, as they’ll often send priority invites to view sale stock ahead of the general public
  • Bookmark this page: Retailers will send us forewarning of their sale offers in the form of press releases – and we’ll publish the information on this page as soon as we’re able
  • Follow brands and retailers on social media: They will share details with their loyal followers in advance – so click ‘like’ and ‘follow’ to be first in the queue

Know what you want… and budget!

Cyber Monday will be filled with genuinely excellent discounts, but there will also be a fair amount of chaff.

Knowing products, and knowing what you want to purchase will be an enormous asset on the day and stop you getting side tracked by the kit you don’t need. In turn, it’ll go a long way to stopping you over spending.

Chances are some of the discounts will be same as those kicking around before the day anyway.

Check returns policies

As always, these vary from store to store – but in some cases returns may be limited to 30 days. So if you pick up a gift for someone on Black Friday, by Christmas day a return may be out of the question. Though we don’t doubt your gift giving prowess, it’s a good idea to bear this in mind.