The best tyre deals: upgrade your rubber in time for the good weather

Big discounts on the finest tyres from Vittoria, Continental, Pirelli and more

No other single component of the bicycle has a bigger job to do than the humble road bike tyre. Whilst frames, wheels and groupsets tend to be touted as the glamorous bits of a bike, it’s these thin strips of rubber that really are the stars of the show. After all, without them your bike wouldn’t go very far would it?

And in many ways how your bike performs comes down to the tyres you run. Get the right tyres and you can go faster, longer and with less wasted effort. The best tyres can help with cornering grip, wet weather safety and can be more resistant to punctures. But as with any good bike component, tyres can cost a lot of money, which is where these deals come in.

Here, we’ve found the best deals on a selection of tyres that we have either ridden, or we know the brand and trust in the quality of its product from our years of riding bikes. With the race season and dry roads just around the corner, now is a great to bag a bargain and upgrade your old rubber to add some real performance gains to your riding.

The products featured have been chosen because we know they’re good quality and are an excellent offer at the price we’ve included (at the time of writing). With each product is a ‘Buy Now’ link. If you click on this then we may receive a small amount of money from the retailer when you purchase the item. This doesn’t affect the amount you pay.

Nine best Road Tyre deals

Vittoria Corsa G+ was £54.99 now £34.99

Vittoria’s new tyre range incorporates graphene

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There’s a reason why so many pro teams run Vittoria tyres (even if they might not shout about it!) One of the quickest tyres on the market, the Vittoria Corsa is a simple way of adding some free speed for your ride. We gave this tyre 9/10 when we last tested it.

Buy now: Vittoria Corsa G+ was £54.99 now £34.99 from Edinburgh Bicycle Cooperative

Continental Grand Prix 4000S II 700c Clincher Folding Road Tyre was £44.95 now £27.99

Continental GP4000 S II

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Until the launch of the latest Grand Prix 5000, the 4000S II was THE go-to tyre for riders wanting to boost performance. The good news is, a bit like when any new version comes out, the prices go down. This is still a cracking tyre to put on your bike and at this price its a complete bargain!

Buy now: Continental GP4000S II was £44.95 now £27.99 from Wiggle

Continental GP5000 was £59.99 now £39.99

Continental Grand Prix 5000 road tyre

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And if you must have the latest Continental tyre, the GP5000 can also be had for a bargain price if you know where to look!

Buy now: Continental GP5000 was £59.99 now £39.99 from ProBikeKit

Pirelli P Zero Velo was £39 now £34.99

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Formula 1 tyre provider Pirelli dropped back into the bicycle tyre business with this, the P Zero Velo in 2017. Aimed as a super fast yet durable tyre for everything from racing to sportive use, we loved it so much it won our acclaimed Editors Choice award in 2018. Okay, this isn’t much a price drop but the Pirelli P Zero is a bit of a bargain even at full price already.

Buy now: Pirelli P Zero Velo was £39 now £34.99 from ProBikeKit

Specialized S Works Turbo Cotton was £58 now £54

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The cotton in the title refers to the material used to make the carcass of the S Works turbo. Cotton makes it extremely flexible and supple, able to conform to the slightest road imperfection, maintaining contact and therefore grip and speed. All features that make the S Works Turbo a pretty desirable tyre to fit and worthy of a 9/10 on our last review.

Buy now: Specialized S Works Turbo Cotton was £58 now £54 from Tredz

Michelin Power Competition was £47.99 now £30.64

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We still rate the Michelin Power Competition tyres amongst our favourites and Michelin claims low rolling resistance too, which is backed up by our own testing. Coming in at around 200g, they’re light and we’ve found they offer excellent durability. It may be among the few road tyres yet to offer a tubeless option, but we’ve awarded the Power Competition an Editor’s Choice award as one of our favourite components we’ve used in 2018.

Buy now: Michelin Power Competition was £47.99 now £30.64 from ChainReaction

Continental Gatorksin Duraskin was £32.95 now £23.95

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The benchmark in durability. Continental Gatorskin tyres have been helping riders weather the rough roads and inclement conditions for years. Still a perennial favourite if you really don’t want to have to deal with punctures.

Buy now: Continental Gatorskin Duraskin was £32.95 now £23.95 from Tredz

Panaracer Race A Evo was £39.99 now £27.49

Panaracer Race A Evo 3 tyre

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Developed and engineered in Japan, Panaracer has over 50 years of experience making high performance tyres. The Panaracer Race A Evo 3 is a tyre intended for all-weather use, with a good degree of puncture protection while still offering good rolling resistance, good grip and a supple feel. An update on the previous Evo 2 version, the Race A sits in between the Race D, which has increased sidewall puncture protection and is slightly heavier, and the Race L.

Buy now: Panaracer Race A Evo was £39.99 now £27.49 from ProBikeKit

Schwalbe Pro One Evo MicroSkin TL-Easy Folding Road Tyre was £66.99 now £38.95

The Pro One is Schwalbe’s top of the line tyre and this version features the ability to run it tubeless. This gives it increased puncture protection and, thanks to the lower pressures you can run when tubeless, a much more comfortable ride.

Buy now: Schwalbe Pro One Evo MicroSkin TL-Easy Folding Road Tyre was £66.99 now £38.95 from Wiggle

That’s all the deals for now, be sure to check back again at a later date!